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August 25, 2010 @ 2:23 pm

Yay! I can have my V-8 again (and more)!

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Back in January, I wrote this post when SS and I got the Triumph Dining Grocery Guide, and we’d seen V-8 listed with a symbol that indicates that procedures are in place, to avoid cross-contamination, but there are shared facilities or equipment.  Because, at the time, I was afraid to consume anything that had even the slightest question about its absolute-gluten-free status, I decided to forgo my V-8 for a while, until there was more clarified information out there.

Yay!  It showed up in my inbox today!  Not only has Campbell’s updated their gluten free product list, but they’ve also dedicated part of their web site to gluten-free information and they regularly test their gluten-free products to ensure that they are safe.  Their gluten free product list is there as well (download link is on the right side of their page), and it lists the low-sodium V-8 that I like, and several flavors (possibly all the flavors?) of V-8 V-Fusion juice, which I also really like and have thought longingly about lately.

Another manufacturer that I remember reading some kind of warning about  was Frito-Lay, but I don’t remember where I read it.  I’ve avoided all Lay’s potato chips since then, just to be on the safe side.  They have a gluten-free product list on their web site, now, too, although they do point out that ” . . . other than our LAY’S® STAX® Crisps, which are made on gluten-free lines, some of the products listed below may be manufactured on the same lines as products that contain gluten.  Although our lines are washed between batches, it is possible for a slight residue to remain on the lines.”

I’m guessing that what I’d read in the past must have been about shared lines.  Because of that, although I give the Frito-Lay company kudos for spelling that out for those of us who seem to be extra-sensitive, I’ll continue to avoid their chips, however, I sure did enjoy their Stax Crisps before I stopped buying their products, so it’s good to know they are produced on gluten-free lines.  Pringles are not gluten free, and Stax are the competitive brand.

I’m not entirely sure I’m all that glad to learn that Stax are safe, actually, since I had a bit of a problem, before, with being unable to stop at one (or more) serving(s) and I would end up eating the whole container and then beating myself up for it.

I have the same problem with Kettle Brand chips, the other brand of gluten-free potato chips that are featured in Triumph’s Essential Gluten Free Blog.  They are sooooo good, but I have to limit how often I buy them.

And, in other gluten-free news, the Essential Gluten Free Blog posted about a Gluten-Free search engine called Gluten-Free Fox.  It looks awesome!  Lots and lots and lots of information!

More later.


  1. Comment by sanityisknocking:

    I love the V8 Fusion drinks too. I count on it to get my veggies most days since there are only a few I eat. I’m impressed the companies are listing what products are gluten free, and how they are manufactured. What a bonus!

    • Comment by lifeischange:

      I like most veggies, but I’m not really good at eating them every day. I like the idea that the V8 V-Fusion juice has vegetable juice in it, because it gives me the feeling that the sugars might break down better than pure fruit juice. I don’t actually know that, but it gives me comfort to think it. lol

  2. Comment by kate1975:

    Wow, thanks for letting me know. I love it too. You have so much great information in this post, thanks so much. You really help me so much in walking my gluten free path.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.



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