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November 14, 2008 @ 11:56 pm

Writing Buddies, Write-Ins, and Word Wars


I went to a very fun write-in tonight.  The closest NaNo regions to me are a bit of a drive – about an hour to one area and an hour and a half to the other.  I drove to a couple write-ins last year, but this year, I thought I would like to try and find as many local people as possible to write with.  Last year, I write with one lady a few times, and really enjoyed her company.  She’s a few years younger than my mother, and a very interesting person to talk with.  We found that we wrote well together, and so I was very happy when I heard from her this year and we planned to meet at a local Panera Bread and write together again.  I posted on the NaNo Forums and there were quite a few more local responses this year than ever before.  One other person joined us tonight, and I am hoping maybe others will in the future as well.

Tonight’s group represented three generations in our age range.  We three are 21, 44, and 72.  It was so much fun, and we talked and got along as if there were not nearly so many years separating us.

Our young friend challenged us to a word war.   We set the alarm on my cell phone for (what turned out to be) 17 minutes, said “1,2,3, go!” and started typing.  At the end of the time, we had advanced our word counts by 735, 787, and 792, I believe, if I am remembering right.  We were all very close in our totals.  (I was the one in the middle.)  Many of my words were misspelled, but hey, spelling can be corrected later!

Our young friend added me to her NaNo Writing Buddy list, and I added her to mine on Thursday.  She has one other writing buddy on her list, and she told me tonight that her other buddy has been competing against my word count and being excited when she passed me.  I came home from the write-in tonight and looked, and her friend was only slightly ahead of me.  I wrote and wrote and passed her, but the second I updated my word count, she must have updated hers and she is ahead of me again!  But I enjoyed the challenge, and I think I will keep trying to catch up to her, and maybe even pass her again, if I can.

Between finally “getting” what it means to just write and not worry about editing (or even quality) so much, BTC’s challenge that lit a fire under me last Friday night, and learning how far ahead a word war or even a subtle friendly competition with a complete stranger can nudge a person, I am really happy with all these new things I’m learning.

Tomorrow is the big mid-month day.  By midnight, I need to have 25,000 words.  I ended tonight with 19,793, leaving a whopping 5207 for tomorrow.  I think I may be seeking out some word wars tomorrow!  Anybody up for it?

Many thanks to Violet Hill for sharing her NaNo icons.


  1. Comment by RB:

    Wow, you are doing great! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. Comment by marie36:

    You can totally do this!! Woo hoo!!

  3. Comment by behindthecouch:

    this… means… waaaaaAAAARRRR!!

    bring it on tampalamabama


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