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March 29, 2010 @ 11:00 pm

Things That Are Strange

1.  When you’re shopping and you see an adorable musical teddy-bear wearing a shirt that says, “You are the love of my life”, and you’re thinking you would like to buy it for your Someone Special, and you squeeze its paw to see what song it plays . . . and it’s the song that was your song with your ex.  That’s strange.

2.  When you mention to your therapist that phenomenon of how you can discuss a particular difficult issue with friends or family (or with no one) over the years and the issue has always remained an issue, but once you bring it up in therapy, pieces of it magically begin to fall away, even after just a short discussion, and she reacts by saying something like, “I know!  Isn’t that weird?”, and she can’t explain why it works that way, either.  That’s a little bit strange.  Pretty funny, and a little bit strange.

3.  The “bad driving habits theme” thing.  It seems, to me at least, that there is often a theme going on in traffic.  If one person can’t seem to stay in their lane, several others keep crossing the line as well.  If one person pulls out in front of me, or cuts me off, or drives inhumanly slow in front of me, several others will, too, before the day is over.  It’s as if there is some bad-driving-habit-of-the-day club that several people are members of.  That’s strange.

4.  Running into someone you haven’t seen in a long time, and realizing, when you feel like you stepped into a time-warp, how much  you and your life have changed since you last saw that person.  That’s strange.

5.  The knowledge that a stimulant medication will relieve my heart palpitations.  Mind-bogglingly strange.  (Disclaimer: I don’t take stimulants for the purpose of relieving heart palpitations. My palpitations happen to be related to my ADD / anxiety, and my ADD medication is helpful for them as well. Stimulants definitely won’t work this way for everyone!)

6.  When you’ve been used to having to run your dryer through three cycles to dry one load of clothes for a period of years and suddenly, you find you can get all your laundry done in one day now and actually have empty laundry baskets!  Feels good, but strange.

7.  Realizing at work, on March 10th, that the day before, I received-stamped all my incoming work “March 99th”.  That sure looks strange.


  1. Comment by mrasherkade:

    I love how you make the ordinary so extrodinary…you have a real gift….which I envy…and that’s not strange!


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