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March 11, 2010 @ 6:34 pm

The Strange Voice In The Wall

I said to Sister, this evening, on the phone, that it hasn’t been quite as easy as I’d expected to think of a blog post idea about a stranger or something strange, every day, for an entire month.

She said, “You could write about the strange voice in the wall where I work.”

Sister and her boss are thinking that there is likely a very logical explanation for the voice, such as something affecting the speakers on the computer that is against the wall where they heard the voice.  Maybe the sound really is coming from the speakers and causing some sort of auditory illusion so that it sounds as if it’s coming from the wall.  Maybe a ham radio operator moved somewhere nearby recently and is somehow inadvertently transmitting a signal that interferes with electronics, or maybe it has to do with someone’s cell phone.

But what makes this so interesting, and gives Sister and her boss a bit of pause, is the number of other strange occurrences in the time they have been in that storefront.

She works in a small retail shop, in an old building, in the historic downtown courthouse square.  Until a couple years ago, they were in a different storefront in the same town square, but they moved into the larger space so that they could expand a bit.  Since they have been there, there have been several times when one or more of the employees has heard noises they couldn’t explain, found things moved from the spot where they belonged to a place that didn’t seem logical for any of the employees to have moved the item, found things on the floor, or actually seen things fall off of shelves where there was no rational reason for them to fall.


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