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March 8, 2010 @ 12:48 pm

The Strange Case of the Alternate Universe Under My Table

Sounds like a Nancy Drew book title, doesn’t it?

I was flipping channels on TV last night before I went to sleep, and Wayne Dyer was on PBS.  I only heard a few minutes, but he was talking about how sometimes, when you drop something, it seems to disappear by the time it hits the floor.  The example he used was dropping vitamins.  I think he compared the floor to a black hole that swallows things you drop, and he talked about getting on his hands and knees, searching, and not being able to find the vitamin he dropped.  I had to laugh, because I believe I have referred to the floor under my dining room table as both a black hole and a portal to an alternate universe, at different times.  And it’s vitamins that I drop most often into that portal.

What is it that causes the gravitational pull to be stronger on vitamins than other objects?  I don’t know, either.


Of course, I don’t think that little snippet of the video I saw was really what the entire message was about . . . it seemed to be about the ingrained beliefs we have in our heads that keep us from breaking out of certain behaviors or succeeding in life.  It was pretty interesting, anyway, what I saw, but I had to blog about the funny part.


  1. Comment by mrasherkade:

    for us, it’s the remote. I know that sounds cliche, but you have NO idea how annoying it is to lose it with a baby around…and then you can’t watch your favorite show because he has hid it somewhere!

    • Comment by lifeischange:

      I don’t have kids, but my cat sometimes tries to carry my bluetooth away if I take it off and lay it down somewhere. She would probably take the remote if she could lift it . . . lol. (Your baby is very cute, by the way.)

  2. Comment by mrasherkade:

    Thank you! I see you have looked at my YouTube video. That was a rare thing for me to do-publisize my kids’ faces. I am very protective of them and fear some weirdo would use their images in a not-so-nice way. Do you have any “cures” for a cat who eats all your plants?! ARG! My mom-in-law says put pine cones in them, the smell drives them crazy…I think my cat would eat anything though..

    • Comment by lifeischange:

      I’ve been very lucky with Emily, that she doesn’t eat plants. I don’t remember what I did with the cats I had in the past, regarding plants . . . it seems I kept the plants up high in places where the cats couldn’t reach. Though there aren’t many places a cat can’t reach if it wants to . . . I’m curious if the pine cones work, though. I may try surrounding any paperwork I leave out with pine cones. Emily loves to tear paper. lol

  3. Comment by mrasherkade:

    My cats eat paper too. We were warned by the last owner that she was a “goat”. I’m glad she isn’t the only cat that is weird. I can’t find a place high enough…I am lucky to find places high enough that the baby can’t get into!


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