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Turning Points, Part II: NaNoWriMo

As I said in my last post, in the past two months or so (a little less, actually), there have been some huge, major turning points in my life, including but not limited to: Getting started on ADD meds My second NaNoWriMo win Decluttering and repairs at home . . . And my visit with […]


Ah, music.  How just the sound of a song can take you back to a particular time and place. Yesterday, SS and I were talking about . . . something . . . and it reminded her of the song, These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, and I started to sing the song.  I could hear […]

Wready To Wrimo

I am Wready to Wrimo! I have a murder (both method and motive), a person living under an assumed identity, a love story, a breakup, a child with questionable paternity, and a lot of other exciting stuff. I have my yWriter file set up with chapters and scenes ready to write, as well as notes […]

More About Structure, And Another Gluten Warning

As hesitant as I was to attempt to add structure to my life, it’s turning out to not be as difficult as I feared it would be.  I think the key is to add new things one at a time, with some time in between to adjust.  Well, there seem to be several keys, but […]

Feeling Crappy, Screwups, and Decisions

1.  Feeling Crappy Turns out, I didn’t have a hangover the other day.  It was the beginning of my PMDD/Migraine/Depression/Misery Days.  At least they don’t drag on for as long as they used to.  There’s that.  It was particularly rough this time, though, and the inner critic really capitalized on the opportunity to run rampant.  I […]

Fifteen Things

If someone had told me, when I was a kid in the ’70’s, that when I grew up I’d be able to type a message into a machine, press a button, and someone clear across the world could read and respond to that message within seconds, I would have been astonished.  I wouldn’t have been […]

Because. I. Can.

Finishing NaNoWriMo with over 50,000 words this year was about so much more than writing 50,000 words. Looking back at the numbers from past years, I see that after the first two years, the percentage of NaNo participants who actually crossed the 50K finish line ranges from 14% to 17%. It’s an accomplisment to be […]

Writing Buddies, Write-Ins, and Word Wars

I went to a very fun write-in tonight.  The closest NaNo regions to me are a bit of a drive – about an hour to one area and an hour and a half to the other.  I drove to a couple write-ins last year, but this year, I thought I would like to try and […]

End of Day Two

This is going well.  I reached 5004 words at about 9:30 tonight.  That’s three words more than three days’ worth, in two days.  I’m very happy with that. I was also pleased to notice, when I exported what I’ve written so far into a Word document (from yWriter, which is the software I write in) […]


After I quit smoking in 1996, I barely wrote anything for almost a complete year.  I’d always associated smoking with writing, and it took me a long time to reestablish new habits that felt natural to me.  One of those habits was Totino’s Pizza Rolls.  Just imagining the taste of them inspired me to write. […]

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