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Gluten Ataxia

SS found a fascinating article and emailed it to me this morning.  It’s brought on one of those “Wow!” reactions for me. We’ve discussed, many times, some problems I have with balance and gait that are kind of upsetting to me.  Up to now, I’ve chalked them up as being symptoms of my ADD/Executive Function […]

Yay! I can have my V-8 again (and more)!

Back in January, I wrote this post when SS and I got the Triumph Dining Grocery Guide, and we’d seen V-8 listed with a symbol that indicates that procedures are in place, to avoid cross-contamination, but there are shared facilities or equipment.  Because, at the time, I was afraid to consume anything that had even […]

Strange Horoscope

I don’t read my horoscope very often, especially the ones that show up on just about every home page option list that only take the sun sign into account.  I mean, come on, every Gemini out there is not going to have the exact same kind of day. But today, as I was revamping my […]

Beware of Gluten-Carrying Strangers

Ah, geez.  I couldn’t figure out, on Wednesday, why I was so scattered and unable to focus at work.  I slept enough the night before.  I took my ADD medication, just as I do every day.  I didn’t feel particularly overly hormonal.  The Fibro was apparently the reason my neck was hurting (more about the […]

More Mystery Glutenings Solved, And A New Challenge

Update October 2016: The link below to Triumph Dining’s Gluten-Free Grocery Guide leads to the current edition, which may be a bit different from the way I described the 3rd edition, but any differences only make it more comprehensive and up-to-date! I don’t know if anything has changed regarding the Publix brand products since the […]

If It Acts Like A Child And Feels Like A Child . . .

The dreams came in like needy children, tugging at my sleeve I said, “I have no way of feeding you, so leave”. Prince of Darkness – Indigo Girls Hmmm.  Well. Ater I wrote and then re-read yesterday’s entry about food-addiction-related cravings, I was struck with how obvious it seemed. All the pondering I’ve done about […]

A Funeral For My Lost Hair

I got my hair cut today.   Short.  I wore it short for most of my life because I have a lot of hair and it’s very curly and woolly and difficult to take care of when it’s long, and most people through the years have said I look better (and younger) with short hair. […]

A Kick In The Ass For Day Seven

BTC’s comment on my Day Two post was just what I needed (thank you, BTC!).  I started out at a great pace for the first two days of NaNoWriMo.  I was thrilled and excited and very pleased with myself. And then Sunday night, I accidentally glutened myself with my hair color.  That, mixed with not […]


If you imagine this kitten as an all-black kitten, it looks remarkably like the one I connected with on Monday.  Coworkers got him out from under the building, where he was all alone and crying.  There are several feral cats that live in the woods by where I work.  Nobody could find the mother cat […]

Sixth Folder, Sixth Picture

I was randomly browsing blogs instead of going to bed last night, like I should have, and I found a post someone made after seeing another blogger do the same thing.  It said to open your MyPictures, then go to the sixth folder and post the sixth picture. Hmm.  Mine is kind of weird and […]

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