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April 18, 2009 @ 7:00 am

Sister Does It Again

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Update 10/30/14: Bringing back some old posts. . .

After the Pop Tarts conversation, Sister managed to crack me up again during an installment of our ongoing game of combining words to make new ones.

She is in the bridal business and routinely rents tuxedos to people.  She commented that the tux company they deal with no longer rents pocket squares, but that they do sell them.

“I guess too many guys were using them like handkerchiefs,” she said.

I went on to say that I’d never liked handkerchiefs, even when I was a little girl and Mom and some of the more old-fashioned ladies in our family used to buy the lacy, girlie hankies for us for Christmas or birthdays.  I never did like the idea of reusing a handkerchief.  Ewww.

Sister said, “And wouldn’t you think that if you kept putting it back in your pocket,  you’d have a snotty pocket?”

“Yeah,” I said, “Also known as a snocket.”

She said, “And when it was real bad, it’d be a naughty snocket.”


  1. Comment by Donald Mills:

    I has have a handkerchief near by…I’ve had the same one for 60 plus years. Belonged to my Daddy before me.

    It’s a handmedownherchief and, in my day, that meant something.

  2. Comment by steppingthru:

    You and your sister sound like me and my little sis. My Mom used to make me iron my Dad’s handkerchiefs. Now I realize she wanted to keep me busy and I did learn to iron.

  3. Comment by kerro:

    Your sister sounds like a riot!!! 🙂

  4. Comment by davidrochester:

    Your sister is hilarious, and so are you. 🙂

    I read in my local newspaper that handkerchiefs are making a comeback, due to their being so much more environmentally friendly. I’m threatening to buy them for people I know, who have become accustomed to the fact that I always carry clean tissues in my pockets, and ask me for them as though I am their mommy. David’s tissues are for David’s nose, and other people should get their own, in my view. Sheesh!


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