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Not Many Stranger Stories

Posted March 30, 2010 By LifeIsChange

I started this month thinking I would have a good supply of stories about strangers, but it didn’t really go that way.  In the last week, I’ve seen even fewer strangers than usual, because my car has been in the shop and I’ve been catching rides with my dad, who works close to where I […]

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Things That Are Strange

Posted March 29, 2010 By LifeIsChange

1.  When you’re shopping and you see an adorable musical teddy-bear wearing a shirt that says, “You are the love of my life”, and you’re thinking you would like to buy it for your Someone Special, and you squeeze its paw to see what song it plays . . . and it’s the song that […]

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Strange(r) Lolcats

Posted March 18, 2010 By LifeIsChange

I’m not feeling so well today and words aren’t coming very easily, but in a diligent effort to remain on topic, I give you, for your humor-pleasure, (drumroll . . . ) Strange(r) Lolcats: You’re welcome. –

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Seeing Myself As A Stranger

Posted March 13, 2010 By LifeIsChange

My therapist and I talked some more about the body image / self image thing when I saw her on the first.  One of the things we talked about was some professional photos that SS and I had taken in December (I’d emailed copies to her).  She asked me how I feel when I look […]

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The Strange Voice In The Wall

Posted March 11, 2010 By LifeIsChange

I said to Sister, this evening, on the phone, that it hasn’t been quite as easy as I’d expected to think of a blog post idea about a stranger or something strange, every day, for an entire month. She said, “You could write about the strange voice in the wall where I work.” Sister and […]

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Strange Horoscope

Posted March 10, 2010 By LifeIsChange

I don’t read my horoscope very often, especially the ones that show up on just about every home page option list that only take the sun sign into account.  I mean, come on, every Gemini out there is not going to have the exact same kind of day. But today, as I was revamping my […]

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Strange Facts

Posted March 9, 2010 By LifeIsChange

I found a fun web site while trolling for Strange(r) topic material for this month. There are a lot of interesting and amusing tidbits on this site, and here are some of my initial thoughts or reactions to some of them (’cause I know everybody out there is on the edge of their seats, wondering […]

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Sounds like a Nancy Drew book title, doesn’t it? I was flipping channels on TV last night before I went to sleep, and Wayne Dyer was on PBS.  I only heard a few minutes, but he was talking about how sometimes, when you drop something, it seems to disappear by the time it hits the […]

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Old Strangers

Posted March 7, 2010 By LifeIsChange

This Stranger Story happened to Sister, but it made us both laugh and she said I could add it to my theme-blogging for March. She was sitting in the drive-through line at Dunkin Donuts the other day, getting coffee on her way to work, when an old man in an SUV pulled up beside her.  […]

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When A Friend Becomes A Stranger

Posted March 6, 2010 By LifeIsChange

About four times a year, my neck starts to hurt, and it will hurt for a few days.  It starts out as that “I must have slept wrong” kind of feeling and then progresses until I can’t turn my head.  Because it’s so cyclical, and because I realized that it’s only a couple weeks earlier […]

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