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November 16, 2011 @ 3:49 pm

NaNoNoGo . . . and . . . We Do!

Well, I had intended to write something this November, even though I knew I wouldn’t be officially participating in NaNoWriMo, but as it turned out, I didn’t even do my modified not-really NaNo version.  I’m ok with that, though, and I realize now that it wasn’t a very realistic undertaking, with everything else that we’ve had going on.

We got back from Florida on Saturday.  Our commitment ceremony and reception Friday evening was awesome!

weddingWe had a Fall color scheme with a Wine theme and a bit of a Grecian/Roman flavor in our dresses and in some of the decorations.  Part of our ceremony included a wine ceremony, which is similar to a Unity candle or sand ceremony but is the blending of two varieties of wine that symbolizes the blending-together of two lives into one. (The labels on the wine bottles say “Love blends two lives into one” at the top.)

We both wore ivory and carried bouquets in fall colors (we laid them down on the table for the wine ceremony, left).

Sister, who is a wedding planner and officiant as her profession, wrote and performed our ceremony and made our floral arrangements and bouquets, and decorated our cake and the tables in the dining room, as well as other accessories.

We also included a hand-fasting as part of our ceremony, and we used braided ribbon in orange, burgundy, and ivory.

The bold Fall colors were gorgeous!  We share a love for Fall as our favorite season, so choosing a color scheme was easy for us.  In fact, during all the years that I believed I would never want a wedding, long before I met SS, I seemed to always be drawn, anyway, to the Fall-color bouquets that Sister would make for clients.  When I mentioned that to SS in our early conversation around the idea of having a wedding, she had excitedly agreed that Fall colors would be striking, and would fit so well with the wine theme that we’d discussed.

I made the necklace that I wore, and Sister added some sparkly beads to my dress so that it would more closely coordinate with SS’s dress, which came with a lot of sparkle.  SS made an amazing arm band that she wore, with two bunches of bead-grapes.  It’s gorgeous.  I wore a barrette that began life as a hairband, and Sister added some crystal beads and some purple beads to look like grapes.  We then cut it off of the hairband and made it into a barrette so it would lay properly in my hair.

Our entire menu, including crackers at the cocktail hour, bread and rolls during dinner, cake, and drinks (except for a mistake made by the bartender, which fortunately turned out ok), was all gluten free.  Our baker did a wonderful job!  We had three cakes – one pumpkin spice, one red velvet, and one yellow.  The one we cut was the pumpkin spice, and the wait staff/servers at the venue were supposed to cut all three so that our guests could have their choice of flavor, but apparently there was a communication glitch around that and the other two cakes didn’t get cut.  It would have made a gorgeous photo, with the varying colors of cakes, from the orange/pumpkin to the red velvet to the yellow, all with the ivory frosting.  Several people said that they loved the pumpkin spice, though.  (It was delicious.)  We took the red velvet cake back to our hotel that night and had a couple slices and it was also excellent, and we froze the rest at Mom and Dad’s house, to have when we visit next time.  Our baker also made an extra “anniversary cake” for us in the red velvet, and we froze that at Mom and Dad’s.  It will be easier to transport home next time we visit because it will have been frozen for a few months.

We had a small group; it was between 30 and 35 people altogether.  We had originally anticipated around 50, but the fact that it was on a Friday at 5 pm and a lot of people couldn’t get out of work early enough, coupled with some medical emergencies and travel snafus, the number was reduced.  It was an intimate evening, though, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  We sure did!

We had a wonderful harpist who played for us during our ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner, and a DJ who did our announcements and played for our first dance, our dance with our dads, the cake cutting, and open dancing after dinner.  We walked down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D, and back up the aisle to “A Whole New World” from Aladdin.  (If you follow those links, neither is actually our harpist; I just included them as a way to hear what the music sounded like.)  It was really beautiful.

In one of our early conversations, we discovered that our mothers both listened to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass when we were kids, and we thought it was funny that as kids, we both thought of it as more-or-less “old people” music, but as we grew, we both gained a real appreciation for it, and we both have a special fondness for the song, “A Taste of Honey“.  We surprised my mom and had the DJ play it when he announced us into the dining room.  We walked in just as the music got going (at about :22 or so, if you click the link) and I spun SS, and then we walked toward the dance floor and the DJ faded into our song, “Smile“.

A good friend’s son did the video recording for us, and we are excitedly waiting to see how it looks, as well as what the photographers’ photos look like.  We have some photos that guests took and shared with us, so far.

We got to visit with some good friends in the week before the ceremony, and we spent time with family.  My new father-in-law got to meet my parents and Sister, and my parents and Sister and I got to meet my new brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who live across the country, though I had met them on Skype last year.  Both families blended well and everyone seemed to enjoy everyone else.

We got home Saturday night.  I’ve been sick with bronchitis since we got home and SS has been fighting it, but I’m beginning to feel a bit more like myself today and it looks like she has been successful in her fight, and we’re so grateful that neither of us was sick on Friday!


  1. Comment by kate1975:

    Congratulations. The pictures are all so lovely. Thanks so much for sharing about your special day.


  2. Comment by David:

    Congratulations! I couldn’t be more thrilled for you both.


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