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November 3, 2016 @ 4:19 pm

NaNo 2016, Day Three


I must say, I’m pleased with my progress so far.

I’m at 7208 words. The target word count for the end of Day Three (at 1667 words each day) is 5001.

I started out with a good Day One (4769), but Day Two wasn’t so good (I only added 442 words). Today I’ve been feeling pretty crappy (Fibro flare), but I was determined to regain my pace to stay ahead of the target word goal, and I’m so pleased I was able to do that.

My objective is to stay at least 2000-ish words ahead of the target word goal for each day, so I have a little wiggle room for days when I will likely fall behind. Next Tuesday will be an extremely long and busy day for Wife and me, and I know I won’t have it in me to write that night. Thanksgiving is another day when I’m not sure I’ll get much writing done, if any, as we have plans to celebrate with friends. I think I’d like to work toward being closer to 3000 words over my daily target, in fact, for a little more cushion.

Day One was a lot of fun! I wrote for a few hours at a coffee shop with a new friend, then we went to the local kick-off party and wrote some more. There were three word-sprints during the time we were there and I added an extra 1800 to 2000-ish words with them. I wrote scenes during the word-sprints that really went off track and my characters started behaving in ways that were out of character for them, at least that early in the story, but I worked on them today, moved some stuff around, and I think I can use at least most of the sprint-words later in the story. I tried to do a word-sprint today, by myself, sitting at home, but the timer app I downloaded stopped and I don’t know how long I was writing before I realized it. Oh well, the end result was the extra words I wanted to gain, so it worked out fine.

It’s funny how pieces of recent conversations manage to make their way into my novels. I wonder if this happens to all writers. (Any others out there, care to share?)



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