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February 21, 2010 @ 10:00 am

I Channeled Mrs. Puff


This is sort of another old-entry rerun, from back when I had my old (2003-2006) online diary.  I can’t seem to find the text anymore, but I remember what I wrote.  It’s mainly the images that make the post, anyway.

It went something like this.

As a child, I followed Sister around and did pretty much whatever she did.  She liked to draw, so I drew, too.

When she was about 11 and I was about 4, she drew this:

Being the good little copycat I was, I drew this:

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized I’d drawn Mrs. Puff, years before she was even created!

My old diary was at diaryland.com, and you could run banner ads for your entries. It was fun. Anyway, this was the banner ad I ran, linking to this entry:



  1. Comment by kate1975:

    I love Mrs. Puff. If Spongebob came into a room I would puff up right away. Good drawing. 🙂



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