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October 28, 2016 @ 10:35 pm

Happy Blogiversary to Me!


My Happy Anniversary badge from WordPress 🙂

Eight years ago today, I began writing LifeIsChange over at wordpress dot com.


I’ve been working this last week or so on bringing those old posts back, and in the process, have been re-reading them. So much has changed in eight years. While I was aware that huge change was happening, I don’t think I was aware of just how much changing I was doing while I was in the process of doing the actual changing. I think that’s probably a good thing. If I had fully realized it, I may have gotten stuck in fear or overwhelm. I guess that’s the reason things like that are clearer in hindsight.

One of the posts I republished tonight was about the amazing and beautiful bonding experience Wife and I shared during the last three days of my 2009 NaNo. Looking at the word count charts in that post, I see that my word count flat-lined mid-month in both 2008 and 2009. Looking at my word count chart from 2010 as well, I see that the same thing happened again.

I’m really curious what this year’s chart will look like. I wonder if flat-lining mid-month is a “thing” that happens to many NaNo-ers or if it had to do with my PMDD cycle during those years. (I did make mention in my 2009 post that I had gone into my Hormone Hell time around then.) One of the best changes in the eight years since starting LifeIsChange has been Menopause. I don’t have PMDD anymore. (I stopped taking Yaz in 2012.) So many things have calmed down for me. This will be my first NaNo after being fully in Menopause. It should be interesting!



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