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July 6, 2010 @ 4:50 pm

First Few Days of Visit Six

Visit Six has been great so far.  SS arrived Friday night.  Saturday, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then went to do our shopping for groceries, assorted odds and ends, and a birthday gift for my little great-niece, who turns a year old next weekend.

On Sunday, Mom and Dad came over and we had ribs, mashed potatoes, veggies, and salad for dinner.  For dessert we had brownies (gluten-free, of course) and chocolate-covered strawberries and potato chips that we had a blast preparing the night before.  We watched a movie and then a DVD of Jerry Seinfeld’s standup comedy (to take the edge off of the sad ending of the movie).  It was really nice, having that time to relax and visit with my parents, and they had a chance to spend some more one-on-one time with SS (when they saw her during previous visits, there were more people around and less time to sit and visit), and of course Emily loved going from lap to lap.  She’s such a people-cat, and she adores her Nana and Pop-Pop.

Yesterday, we woke up to the sound of a soft rain and a weekday off with no specific plans on our agenda.  It was such a nice way to wake up.

A few years ago, I moved my bed so that it’s in front of the sliding doors that go out to my balcony because I didn’t go out onto the balcony very much and because that arrangement allows for a lot more floor space in the bedroom.

When we heard the rain yesterday morning, we opened the curtain and laid on the bed, looking out on this view (but with more rain; these pictures were taken after the rain had almost stopped and the water was still dripping from the roof).

We watched the rain while we listened to Behind The Waterfall (below).  It was one of those meditative moments in time that feels almost magical.

Emily was looking out wistfully, wishing she could go play in the rain.


  1. Comment by Kerro:

    What a lovely morning lie in for you both

    Emily is such a cutie-pie.

    And I love that music.

    Perfect on all counts. 🙂

  2. Comment by sanityisknocking:

    I’m so behind in posting, but I wanted say that I was so happy to hear about how well the visit went. Especially that you both had sometime to spend with the family – meaningful time.

    I love the kitty. Reminds me of a cat we used to have. The water dropping is stunning!

    • Comment by lifeischange:

      I’m really behind too, in all of my on-line activities – blogs, forums, emails to friends, and even replying to comments on my own blog! I really need to set aside a specific time each week to dedicate to keeping in touch.

      Thank you for your supportive comment. 🙂 It was a great visit. We have another coming up, soon. I’ll be going up to SS’s place for 9 days in . . . wow, how about that . . . 9 days! We can’t wait.

      I found out recently that Emily (my cat) is a Bombay cat. I never knew there was a specific breed name for her, other than black Domestic Shorthair. I’ll be blogging about that soon, too, as soon as I can catch up! 🙂


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