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September 17, 2009 @ 12:42 pm

Fatigue . . . zzzzz

tired polar bearI’ve been having a really rough time the last several days because I missed my Yaz for almost three days.  Word of advice for anyone taking Yaz for PMDD: Don’t skip doses! I had a small snafu with refilling my prescription last Friday (my own fault, for not planning ahead) and had to go until Monday evening before I could get it taken care of.  Since Tuesday, I’ve been exhausted in spite of getting sleep, mentally foggy, dancing with depression, and nauseated off-and-on with muscle aches and mammoth hot flashes.  Ugh.  And did I mention feeling exhausted?  It’s actually work to keep my head up.  There is also the return of some fear-related issues that I thought I’d mostly dealt with, but I’ll save that for some other blog post, some other day.

At least I have the knowledge, from past experience, that things will get better over time.  In the moment, it doesn’t feel like it will get better, but it will.

And when it does, I have several drafts of blog entries to work on finishing.  And emails to several friends I’ve gotten behind in emailing.  And reading and commenting on blogs I like to keep up with, and posting to a forum I belong to and have gotten behind on.  And I’m looking forward to clear thinking again.  And having my attitude change from “*Sigh*  Whatever” to something a little more like I’d been starting to get used to lately.

But for now, all I can really think about with much clarity is how much I miss my bed . . .  and my pillow . . .  and my blankie.

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