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June 3, 2011 @ 9:31 pm

Emily Is A Fan of Veggies . . . and Powdered Sugar?!?

I know.  Weird, huh?

I first discovered that she liked vegetables when I was making dinner one  evening several years ago and I dropped a piece of broccoli.  She scarfed it up before I could pick it up.  Over the next few years, I would occasionally either offer her different veggies or drop something and be surprised to learn that she liked it.  Peas and carrots.  Green beans.  Pasta.

When we would go to  visit my parents (yes; Emily and I would go to visit them together sometimes), Mom would thaw some frozen peas and carrots for Emily and Emily would be ecstatic over them.

It became kind of comical, because there were times when I would open a can while cooking and Emily would be meowing and winding around my feet.

“It’s not cat food,” I would say, “It’s mushrooms.  You don’t like mushrooms.”

“Maybe I do,” she would reply.

“I bet you don’t.”

“Try me.”

And damn.  Who knew.  She likes mushrooms.

And refried beans.

And turnip greens.  Seriously.

So, tonight, SS and I finished dinner and had a couple raspberry cookies (Grainless Baker – I should put these on my Favorite Gluten Free Products page, although after looking more closely at the label after taking this photo, I realized they are not good for a weight-loss diet or a low-cholesterol diet, either).  They really taste good, regardless.

Emily agrees.

There was one cookie left in the box.  SS and I were each saving it for the other.  It was actually lying face down in the box at the time.  Emily jumped up on my lap and when she leaned over to the table between SS and me and sniffed at the cookie, I didn’t think anything about it.

Until she licked off some of the powdered sugar.  Look closely.  See her tongue marks?

She never ceases to amaze me, my Emily.

Finicky she is not.


  1. Comment by Kerro:

    Emily is a cutie pie! 🙂

  2. Comment by Asher Kade:

    I thought this was about a human girl! Either way, it’s funny. My cats don’t eat people food….they think it’s disgusting. Maybe your cat has a lacking vitamin in her diet. My 2 yr old son loves cauliflower….weird to me.

    • Comment by lifeischange:

      I’ve heard of cats that like vegetables; they just aren’t in the majority. Actually, it seems to possibly be a characteristic of her breed . . . more about that soon!

      That’s too funny, thinking of this as a post about a human child . . . that I would let her eat off of the floor 🙁 . Or that I would only occasionally take her with me to visit her grandparents.


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