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March 18, 2009 @ 11:30 am


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Update 10/30/14: Bringing back some old posts. . .

So there is a name for it!  It sounds gross, but “earworm” is evidently the name of this “thing” I have where I get songs stuck in my head.

This blog post explains earworms this way:

Earworms are quite a bit like obsessional thoughts. Like obsessions, the melodies tend to pop into your mind unannounced, take your attention, are not especially desired and sometimes even a little distressing. Like those with obsessive thoughts, people with earworms try unsuccessfully to supress them. But, the more you try to get rid of unwanted tunes or an obsessive thoughts, the louder they get and the more often they come back. And earworms, like obsessive thoughts crop up more often when people are worried.

I wake up most mornings with a song in my head, I hear songs from commercials over and over for sometimes hours after I’ve seen or heard the commercial.  Sometimes I don’t even know when or where I heard the song that is relentlessly playing on in my head.  Often, if I am working on something (this generally means something on the computer), I’ll hum or sing part of the song over and over until it becomes so irritating that I have to “change the song”.  I do this by purposely singing the one song that (for whatever insane reason) doesn’t irritate me: Sh-Boom, by The Crew Cuts.  Yep, the one from 1954.  I don’t know why it doesn’t bug me, but launching into “Ya-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da, Sh-Boom, Sh-Boom” just makes it all better.

There is something to be said for choosing which worm you allow to hang around in your ear.

I have a coworker who loves to good-naturedly antagonize me with annoying songs.  I should never have told him about my song-sticking tendencies.  He will walk around the office whistling “Yellow Submarine”, and then leave, laughing with pride for his accomplishment.

But it’s ok.  Because Life Could Be A Dream, Sweetheaaaart!


  1. Comment by HF:

    Earworms? That sounds like some horrible tropical disease.

    I think I’ll stick to calling it the constant music in my head”

  2. Comment by lifeischange:

    I have to agree, HF. “Constant music” sounds so much better. lol

  3. Comment by birdonthewire2008:

    The only way I know to get rid of an earworm is to force it on somebody else. My husband and I can be very evyl about doing so as we’re parting in the morning. Awful to get stuck with a truly terrible tune or television jingle….

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