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March 24, 2009 @ 5:44 pm

Companies With Exemplary Labeling Practices

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I was leaving a comment on Hormones & Highchairs‘ blog (my apologies to mamachun for leaving such a long comment) and I mentioned that several companies have very good labeling policies with regard to allergen ingredients.

I did a search to find a list of those companies and I found a thread on the celiac.com forums, entitled “Companies with exemplary labeling practices” (which is where I got my very imaginative title for this entry).  This poster went to a great deal of work to compile this list and I for one appreciate that work! (10/23/16 update: Unfortunately, the post is no longer there, so I cannot share a link.)

I’ve tended to gravitate toward Kraft and Unilever brands for quite awhile now because they were the first two companies that I learned had those policies, and I have a hard time remembering the other companies.  I may print out this list and carry it with me, for that reason.

I thought it might be helpful if I posted the list here as well.  Please click the link above to see the thread for the poster’s documentation of their communication with the companies and links to the companies’ web sites.

So, here is an alphabetical list of Companies With Exemplary Labeling Practices (specifically stating when ingredients are made from wheat, rye, barley, or oats [or other known allergens]):

  • B&G Foods
  • Blue Bunny
  • ConAgra
  • Del Monte
  • General Mills
  • Hain Celestial Group
  • Hormel
  • Kraft

Kraft’s Largest Brands as of the date of this entry include the following (keep in mind, of course, that some of these brands may actually have no gluten free products):
Alpen Gold
Capri Sun
Carte Noir
Cheez Whiz
Chips Ahoy!
Club Social
Cool Whip
Cote d’Or
California Pizza Kitchen
Cracker Barrel
Crystal Light/Clight
General Foods International
GevaliaGrand Mere
Handi-SnacksHoney Maid
Miracle Whip
Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs
Nutter Butter
Oscar Mayer
South Beach Living
Stove Top
Wheat Thins

  • Lee Kum Kee USA
  • Marzetti Brands
  • McCormick
  • Nestle
  • Newman’s Own
  • Sara Lee
  • Unilever

Unilever’s Food brands include (as of the date of this post):
Ben & Jerry’s
Good Humor
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
Shedd’s Spread Country Crock

Unilever’s Non-Food brands include (as of the date of this post):
Lever 2000
Snuggle Laundry Products

I’d like to add, also that Walmart uses very clear labeling (and will often include the words “Gluten Free” when applicable) on their store-brand products.  (You can also find a list of gluten free name brand products that Walmart carries by checking Walmart.com.)

Publix Supermarkets (in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee) also has a list on their web site of their store-brand products that are gluten free, as well as a page with some more helpful information about gluten.

Update 10/30/09: Before going to look at the gluten free products list on the Walmart web site, please read this post.

Update 1/28/10: Before purchasing any Publix store-brand products, please see the new information in this post!


  1. Comment by mamachun:

    actually, i liked the long comment bc there was great info for me. thanks so much. i’m one of those ppl who feels better knowing as much as i possibly can. it’s less scary for me. and great blog. i love good lists of stuff. there aren’t enough good lists of gluten free food, restuarants, other gluten free products.. or maybe i just havent found them yet. anyway, i appreciate your help and support. and i’m meeting with a nutritionist this friday, so i’ll get more info then. change is hard.

  2. Comment by lifeischange:

    I’m so glad you didn’t mind the long comment, mamachun! I had no idea it was so long until I had posted it. lol.

    If you google “gluten free menu”, you’ll find a bunch of restaurants that offer gluten free items. It’s important, though, to still be very careful when you eat at one of these restaurants because their kitchen and wait staff aren’t necessarily familiar with the dangers of cross contamination. The best restaurant experience, by far, for me, has consistently been at Outback. (I even recently had their gluten free brownie sundae dessert and I almost cried from the thrill of being able to eat a brownie sundae in a restaurant again.) I’ve done well at Chilis more times than I’ve had a bad experience, but I was glutened pretty badly there once. I have learned to not be shy about discussing my situation with the manager before ordering (sometimes I call first if I’m to be part of a large party and I don’t want to hold everyone up or feel that I’m making the dining experience “all about me”).

    If you do much traveling, there are sites that have advice on traveling gluten free. If you ever have an occasion to visit a Disney park, they are excellent. I live in Florida and went to Disney World about a year and a half ago, and before I went, I emailed with questions and the woman who responded sent lots of very helpful information. If you go to this page: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/common/guestServicesDetail?id=GuestServicesSpecialDietaryDetailPage&bhcp=1 they list telephone numbers and an email address to contact them about special dietary needs.

    Your nutritionist or local health food store employees may be able to tell you of any local celiac or gluten free support groups. There is a wealth of information to be learned at those meetings! (You might also join some of the Yahoo groups or sign up for email newsletters at various gluten free information sites.)

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