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July 9, 2009 @ 11:35 am

Bliss List – Item 4

I am aware that I’m going to be giving away what a strange child I was with this entry, but oh well.

I used to love to watch the bug truck out my bedroom window.  It always went by after I was in bed.  My bed was up against the wall by the window, and I would get on my knees and peek out as the truck went by, watching.  Sometimes I’d open the window just a little and put my nose up to the screen and smell the combination mosquito repellant and window screen.  I really don’t know why, but it’s such a pleasant memory for me.  (Maybe the mosquito spray messed with my brain?)

I do remember the time when some of the neighborhood girls who picked on me were walking past when the bug truck was going by, and one of them saw me, looking out.  She pointed me out to the others, my little face and messy sleepy-hair framed by the window, and they all laughed.  I’m not sure if they were laughing because I was in bed at that hour (I got picked on for being raised with somewhat rigid structure) or if they were laughing because I was watching the bug truck.  Who knows, maybe they thought I was looking out at them, longing to be outside as well.

The other night, when I was beginning to do some thinking about what sorts of activities might be fun to my inner child, I heard the bug truck go by outside.  Of course, I peered through the blinds and watched it the whole way, feeling that old familiar excitement and watching the foggy spray in the air.  I didn’t open the window, though.  I remember what it smells like.




  1. Comment by strangename:

    lol I used to run through the fog…

  2. Comment by kate1975:

    I never saw these when I was a child. And didn’t know about them until I saw films in college about the book “The Silent Spring” and it’s impact on certain sprays.

    I can totally understand why a child would consider it blissful.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


  3. Comment by kerro:

    Hmmmm…. bug truck? We don’t have those here, but hey, whatever works for you! 😉

    Seriously, I can understand the association with smells and times of year – although I’m less keen on your association with those little girls who hurt you so terribly.

    Gonna steal Kate’s sign off: Good and healing thoughts to you. xo

  4. Comment by Ceramictec Tampa Tile Contractor:

    when I was young in the early 80’s we used to ride our bikes behind them.
    ohh boy !


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