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October 21, 2016 @ 11:52 am

. . . and I’m back! (With a keyboard hack, too!)


After a long break from my blog (and sadly coming to the conclusion false assumption that my blogging days had passed), I’ve decided to return to writing Life Is Change because life continues to bring new and interesting journeys and tidbits to share, and I’ve missed blogging.

I have a few draft posts on a few different topics, catching up on what’s new since I last posted, but right now I’m going to jump right in to share a solution I found for something.

Over the weekend, I got a new laptop. My previous one was getting old and tired and becoming difficult to use. The battery didn’t hold a charge for more than (maybe) an hour or so, a few keys were sticking and requiring me to hit them three or four times to get them to work (I never knew how many words I use that have “y’s” in them), and the hard drive wasn’t large enough. There wasn’t enough RAM to handle the amount of multi-tasking I tend to do (I’m the Queen of keeping 25 tabs open in my browser at once, plus a few programs/apps) and I was having issues with overheating.

So, after Wife did some research for me because I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start (thank you, Wife!), we wound up getting a great deal on a two-in-one laptop at Costco. It’s a Lenovo Flex 4 15″ ideapad. Nice large screen, lots of RAM, very good battery life, not a crazy-big hard drive (256 gigs) but enough for what I need (since I use Dropbox and only sync the files I’m currently using), and a lighted keyboard. I love the touch-screen and the ability to fold it back and use it as a tablet.

I didn’t mean for this post to be a review of the laptop, though…

The one thing that I was concerned about when making the decision to buy this particular machine, and which continued to be a concern for the first several days, is the placement of the right shift key. It’s weird.

Instead of the wide shift keys on both sides, like you’ll find on a standard keyboard, the shift key is the same size as the alpha keys and is to the right of the arrow-up key! (What were they thinking?) If your pinkie is used to going next to the question mark, hitting the right shift key on its left side, this can be very frustrating, as your cursor will wind up on the line above instead.

I thought I might adjust to it and be able to re-train my brain, but after several days, it was still a problem for me.

I love the laptop otherwise, though, and I didn’t want to return it, so I download a free program called SharpKeys and re-mapped the arrow-up key so that it’s also a right shift key. Of course, before I did that, I asked myself if I would be inconvenienced by no longer having an arrow-up key. Not a problem, as it turns out. If I need the arrow-up key (which I mostly use only when I’m working on image or graphic editing), I can temporarily turn off my Number Lock and use the arrow-up function of the 8 key.

Ta-da! Problem solved! I’m still smiling about that.

More soon…



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