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About Me

cropped-41.jpgI’m a 50-something woman who grew up in Florida and now lives in New Jersey with my wife and our cats.

I blog about all sorts of things, including random life observations, fiction writing, TV, irony (I love irony), food sensitivities, the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Diet/Paleo Diet, Adult ADD, OCD, Fibromyalgia, family and friends, pets, and more.

Life Is Change is basically a chronicling of pieces of my life since October of 2008, when I began blogging over at wordpress dot com. One of those life-pieces has been my ongoing and frustrating quest to understand and get a handle on various health symptoms related to food and food sensitivities.

When I began Life Is Change in 2008, I was gluten-free and wrote about that in addition to many of the other topics above. In 2012, after food-sensitivity testing (see my Food & Well-Being category for posts about that), I stopped being gluten-free and instead was corn-free for a year.

I moved the blog here to its own domain name in 2013. After November of 2014, I stopped posting and eventually made the blog private because so much of my focus was shifting to other things (which sometimes turned out to be other sides of the same old things). Anyway, I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t decide where to go with it all, so I put it on a shelf for a while.

But I missed blogging. I missed having an outlet for not only my silly (and sometimes entertaining to only myself) observations, but also the bigger stuff. The growing, changing, learning, becoming, trying-and-fixing and trying-again stuff. The learning-to-understand-myself stuff, and the “this is profoundly important to me” stuff.

So I decided to start again. Over time, I’ll catch up on writing about some of what’s new in my life now, and I’ll figure out the new focus of my blog. I still have an archive of my old posts, and little by little I’ll bring most or all of them back, in case anyone wants to read them (and in some cases, because I still laugh when I re-read or think about some of them and/or I don’t want to forget some of the things I wrote about at the time).

In April of 2016, my wife and I set out on a new Food & Well-Being journey: the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet. I will be blogging quite a bit about that . . . stay tuned!

Please note, when reading any of my old posts about gluten intolerance, gluten-free foods, etc., that:

(1) Any recommendations I made for products, brands/manufacturers, etc., were based on information that is now out of date. If you must be gluten-free for health reasons, be sure to re-check this information before relying on it, as ingredients and manufacturing procedures change. There may also be much better options available now.

(2) I have since learned that I feel my best when my diet is free of all grains (not just gluten), as well as dairy, sugar, and other items. Some of the reactions I blogged about that I tried so hard to figure out were likely all (or almost all) due to my continuing to eat foods that my body couldn’t tolerate.


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