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November 8, 2008 @ 2:09 am

A Kick In The Ass For Day Seven

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nano3BTC’s comment on my Day Two post was just what I needed (thank you, BTC!).  I started out at a great pace for the first two days of NaNoWriMo.  I was thrilled and excited and very pleased with myself.

And then Sunday night, I accidentally glutened myself with my hair color.  That, mixed with not sleeping enough Sunday night and the beginning of another Fibromyalgia flareup, put me in the optimum frame of mind to fall into a depression.  After the emotion I felt about the kitten Monday, all the ups and downs and intensity I felt, and possibly more gluten, as my desk, the kitten, and I were covered in canned cat food and it never occurred to me to read the label first (but it was likely that it contained gluten), I did fall. I lost my ability to focus, to think very far beyond a few words, and to care.  This went on for a few days, and I quickly lost my word-cushion and started to fall behind.

I figured I would catch up over this weekend, but BTC issued me a challenge I couldn’t resist.  I took half the day off from work on Friday afternoon, came home early, and started to write my heart out.  I wrote, and made coffee, and wrote some more.  Then I got up and made some grilled-cheese pizza bites and wrote some more.  (They turned out to be pretty good, too.)  I drank more coffee and wrote some more.  And as the hours passed, my word count climbed.

The goal at the end of the 7th day is 11,669.  I hit 11,805 at 1:00 am.  Unfortunately, I was only at 10,589 by midnight, but I did pass 11,669 before going to bed for the night.  I may not have met BTC’s challenge, but because of her challenge, I caught up to where I’m supposed to be, going into Day Eight.

I also discovered a way to boost word count that hadn’t occurred to me earlier.  The two villains can have sex on the kitchen table.  Yep.  I was just writing along, minding my own business, and they started to get all hot for each other, and well, who was I to argue?  I let them go for it. Characters never cease to surprise me with the way they develop their own personalities and start to tell me what’s what.  But they seem to know, and the writing is better when I trust them.  I discovered, also, that they really believe something I had originally intended for them to be lying about.  So, as it will turn out by the end of the book, the joke will be on them.  Huh.  Another layer that makes the story better.

And, thanks to BTC’s encouragement and the challenge that pushed me to keep writing, this may be the first year I actually become a NaNoWriMo winner, and the year I manage to overwrite that groove in my brain that always said, “Other people can do it, but I can’t” with “Why yes. Yes I can!”

I’m a happy camper right now.  And a sleepy one, too.

Many thanks to Violet Hill for sharing her NaNo icons.


  1. Comment by Marie36:

    Yay you! You can totally do this. 🙂

  2. Comment by RB:

    Yes, you can! 🙂

    (Gee, that phrase sounds vaguely familiar…)

  3. Comment by hystericalfemale:

    I see you are very nearly at 15K now. Go Tamp!

  4. Comment by David Rochester:

    Just make sure the kitchen table doesn’t have cat food all over it.

    On second thought … they are villains, so … hmmmm.

  5. Comment by lifeischange:

    LOL, David.

    You know, come to think of it, that would be a way to add extra words . . .

    And with this unexplained NaNo Resistance I seem to be experiencing the last few days, I can use any extra words I can get. lol


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