Safe Landings

Philadelphia_AirportSS (which is the nickname I used to use in my old blog for my wife/partner – it means Someone Special) and I flew home last night after a long weekend in Florida to visit family.

I made a video of the view out my window as we landed because I just love landings. It’s just so amazing, to me, that such a massive thing like a commercial airliner can be brought to the ground so smoothly. I always want to applaud for the pilot, but the only time I got to do that without being the only one on the plane clapping was when there was a group of school kids on the flight I was on a few years ago.

Anyway, for anyone who is interested in seeing it, this was our landing last night. You can’t see much because it was dark out. I should record our next daylight landing and post it here. It won’t be until next year, though.


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Coulda Been A Great Product Idea

CannabiscuitsSo, based on an idea that occurred to me the other night, I was going to say:

“You know those biscuits that come in a can? Well, I think they should sell them in Colorado with pot in them, and call them Cannabiscuits. Just saying”

And then I Googled it and found out there is apparently already a band with that name, and at least one recipe as well.

But I still like my idea . . . because of the play on words with the added element of . . . you know . . . the can.




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Little Outings

For the past 20 years or so, I’ve pretty much been what one might call “out”, if that’s defined as not being “in”. It’s not that I make any big announcements or formally “come out” to people. I’m just me, and I don’t lie or talk in riddles to keep from using the “she” pronoun when talking about my spouse. Years ago, I did, because, as the phrase goes, “those were different times”, and I lived in a less open-minded part of the country, and for whatever reason, I feared being pre-judged or . . . something.

Anyway, things are different now. I’m so happy to see the whole talking-in-codes thing vanishing and I’ve noticed over the last few years that people don’t seem to see a division anymore. No more Us and Them. We’re all Us.

I can remember times, years ago, when I would be talking to someone and I’d see the understanding slowly dawning on them, followed by raised eyebrows, a tightness in their facial muscles, and a response of, “Oh!” That reaction rarely happens anymore. And that is a wonderful thing, because it sucks to feel different from everyone else.

My point in bringing this up is that, as same-sex marriage quickly gains ground in state after state across the country, the concept is still a fairly new one for a lot of people who may not have really given it much thought before, and so there are still times when it’s kind of humorous to watch someone figure it out, or to realize I’ve just outed my spouse and myself without even thinking. Of course, when the latter happens, it’s not a big deal, to me, because I’m not trying to keep it a secret; it’s just something that opposite-sex couples don’t encounter, since most people they meet have automatically assumed they are an opposite-sex couple.

One of the funniest (to me) examples of this is when we take one of our cats to the vet. We were there yesterday, and without giving it a thought, I said to the Vet’s Assistant (who is not the same Vet’s Assistant we normally see and who already knows us), “Emily was in her bed, which is on our bed . . .” and I didn’t even realize I’d said it until we were on our way home. I saw no reaction on her face (which is the way most people seem to react nowadays), and that’s why it didn’t occur to me that I’d even said it until later.

We were visiting with someone the other night who we know through a business association rather than a social one, and somehow in the conversation, our wedding came up and we showed her some of the photos. The conversation was more about the decorations and colors and location and less about the fact that we are both women. (That part probably wouldn’t have even entered into it at all if I hadn’t mentioned that we’ve actually had 3 weddings – our Civil Union in New Jersey in 2011, followed by our commitment ceremony in Florida in 2011, and then our “actual” wedding in 2013, after New Jersey legalized same sex marriage.) Anyway, that led to a conversation about the funny ways a few people have approached the topic of who we are to each other.

In the last several months, we’ve had a number of contractors and inspectors in the house because of some work that was being done. Sometimes the guys were just downright confused. A few weeks ago, two guys were here for most of a day, putting in a new gas fireplace. I figured they must have seen the collage of wedding photos hanging on the wall in the hallway or something, and I assumed they knew. At one point, one of the guys looked at me and pointed to my wife and said, “Is she your . . . relative? Friend?”

“She’s my spouse,” I said, not sure if the word “wife” would feel, to him, like I’d used it for shock value.

He pondered for a moment and then said, “Oh, ok.” It made sense to him, then.

Later, I noticed him looking at the wedding pictures in the hall, and he commented that they were pretty.

Our business friend who we told this story to was surprised that people just come out and ask, but I’m glad they do. The more comfortable people are discussing same-sex marriages and relationships, the less taboo the topic becomes and the less those marriage and relationships are perceived as being different from any others. Eventually all the awkwardness and tiptoeing around will be gone. Because there shouldn’t be any awkwardness around love.


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Life is Change: The New Revised Edition

cropped-41.jpgSix years ago yesterday, I began writing the blog. In some ways, it’s hard to believe six whole years have passed since then, yet in other ways, when I look at how much my Life has in fact Changed since then, I can’t believe it isn’t more like 16 years.


Almost a year and a half ago, I stopped posting and eventually made the blog private because so much of my focus was shifting from the things I wrote about to other things . . . yet sometimes only other sides of the same old things. Anyway, I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t decide where to go with it all, so I put it on a shelf for a while.

But I miss blogging. I miss having an outlet for not only my silly (and sometimes entertaining to only myself) observations, but also the bigger stuff. The growing, changing, learning, becoming, trying-and-fixing and trying-again stuff. The learning-to-understand-myself stuff, and the “this is profoundly important to me” stuff.

So I decided to start again. Over time, I’ll catch up on writing about some of what’s new in my life now, and I’ll figure out the new focus of my blog. I still have an archive of my old posts, and little by little I’ll bring some of them back, in case anyone wants to read them (and in some cases, because I still laugh when I re-read or think about some of them and/or I don’t want to forget some of the things I wrote about at the time).

So . . . here’s to the New Revised Edition!


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Stupid Verizon Message

Silly Pet Peeves – Verizon screensaver message

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Update 10/30/14: Bringing back some old posts. . .

This always kind of irks me, but then I have to laugh. It’s a Verizon message that comes up sometimes when we turn the TV on, and it says to press the Menu button on the Fios remote. All well and good, but what’s with the “otherwise, turn your TV off” part? Isn’t that just a bit arrogant of Verizon to assume none of their customers might want to use their TV to do anything other than watch Fios TV? Maybe someone wants to watch a DVD, or play a game on their Xbox or other gaming system. Maybe they also use their TV as a monitor for their computer. Maybe they have a Roku box or an internet-capable TV that allows them to watch all sorts of shows and movies via a zillion different apps like Hulu Plus (you can also play games, surf the internet, tweet, and Facebook, among other things). It isn’t all about Verizon or whatever programming they may offer, as if they were the only game in town. The choice is not “watch Fios or turn the TV off”, no matter what they want to believe.

Just sayin’.

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I Channeled Mrs. Puff

This is sort of another old-entry rerun, from back when I had my old (2003-2006) online diary.  I can’t seem to find the text anymore, but I remember what I wrote.  It’s mainly the images that make the post, anyway.

It went something like this.

As a child, I followed Sister around and did pretty much whatever she did.  She liked to draw, so I drew, too.

When she was about 11 and I was about 4, she drew this:

Being the good little copycat I was, I drew this:

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized I’d drawn Mrs. Puff, years before she was even created!

My old diary was at, and you could run banner ads for your entries. It was fun. Anyway, this was the banner ad I ran, linking to this entry:


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1968_sister-11-me-4Ah, music.  How just the sound of a song can take you back to a particular time and place.

Yesterday, SS and I were talking about . . . something . . . and it reminded her of the song, These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, and I started to sing the song.  I could hear it so clearly in my head, and I was four or five years old again, in my memory.  I had to smile, and then I downloaded the album, Boots, by Nancy Sinatra.  Go ahead; listen to some of the samples of some of the songs.  If you’re close to my age, that sixties sound will be familiar and I hope will take you back to pleasant memories.  If you’re quite a bit younger than I am, or young enough that your parents are close to my age, you’ll probably be rolling your eyes and laughing.  My sister showed this picture to her husband this morning after I emailed it to her and he made a joke about her stylish clothes.  She said to him, “Hey, don’t talk.  All your childhood pictures have people with beehive hairdos!”

But man, what great memories that album brings back for me.  Sister had it and played it fairly often.  The Amazon page I linked to above says it was originally released in 1966.  This picture is from 1968.  Sister had just turned 11 and I was 4 1/2.  See her boots?  Aren’t they cool?  I grew up following her around like a puppy, adoring her and thinking she was just the coolest human being ever.  She’s still one of my very favorite people.

After I downloaded the album, I played some of the songs and couldn’t stop grinning and dancing in my chair.  I remember, especially when hearing the music at the end of These Boots, after she says “Are you ready, boots?  Start walkin'”, standing in our living room with Sister and doing The Pony and The Swim.  Anybody remember those dances?

I especially remember the part of The Swim, where you hold your nose and raise your other arm above your head and “go under the water”.  I loved that part.  I could really wiggle those hips when I was little.  Or at least I thought I could.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

And in other news, I wrote my first 1733 words of NaNo this morning between midnight and 1:10 am.  Woot!  Woot!

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“How Can You Say This Differently?”

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Update 10/30/14: This is a condensed version of one of my favorite old posts.

I’m reading Eats, Shoots, & Leaves, and I was talking with Sister about it.  Although the book is specifically about punctuation, we got to talking about grammar and sentence structure as well, and wondering why there are so many people close to our ages who went to school in the same state we did, who managed to come away with very little understanding of how to write a sentence.

Well, having that discussion with Sister reminded me of a conversation with my therapist several months back.  I’d said something, referring to “my stupider moments”, without realizing I’d used the word “stupider” until my therapist repeated it back to me and asked how I could have said that differently. She was looking for an answer that was not so judgmental of myself, but in the second or two that it took for me to realize what she really meant, I almost said, “Oh.  Yeah.  ‘More stupid’.”

I still laugh about that.


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How To Write A Good Ad

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Update 10/30/14: Bringing back some old posts. . .

This person does not suck at Craigslist.  This is an example of how to write a good ad:

Big couch with fold out.  I say it’s ugly, but my husband disagrees.  I’ve seen his ex-wife, so I know he has questionable taste.

I am awesome though…. 

How awesome you say? 

I’m so awesome, I’m offering you a FREE COUCH!!!! 

It IS a hide a bed, but you’ll want a new mattress, as the current one is old and nasty, just like his ex… 

Pics available on request. Pics of the couch that is….
A few of cushions are coming apart at the seams, but are not Ripped. 

This would be a good couch to keep people from overstaying their visits. 

Free free free!!!! 

I love it.

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Sister Does It Again

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Update 10/30/14: Bringing back some old posts. . .

After the Pop Tarts conversation, Sister managed to crack me up again during an installment of our ongoing game of combining words to make new ones.

She is in the bridal business and routinely rents tuxedos to people.  She commented that the tux company they deal with no longer rents pocket squares, but that they do sell them.

“I guess too many guys were using them like handkerchiefs,” she said.

I went on to say that I’d never liked handkerchiefs, even when I was a little girl and Mom and some of the more old-fashioned ladies in our family used to buy the lacy, girlie hankies for us for Christmas or birthdays.  I never did like the idea of reusing a handkerchief.  Ewww.

Sister said, “And wouldn’t you think that if you kept putting it back in your pocket,  you’d have a snotty pocket?”

“Yeah,” I said, “Also known as a snocket.”

She said, “And when it was real bad, it’d be a naughty snocket.”

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